TL – Transportes e Logística has been providing logistics services since 1998. Having our own infrastructures, an in-depth knowledge of the business and the right international connections has driven us to a leading position in the world of transportation, removals and logistics support. We cover the whole country and, from Maputo, the whole world.

We understand perfectly how the logistics business works in Mozambique and are fully up-to-date on all the relevant regulations. We also offer our long experience in end-to-end service delivery. Keeping to deadlines and quality standards and delivering a door-to-door or client-specific service are the values that drive us.

TL is part of the IPG Group, a Portugal-based internationally oriented organisation that focuses on providing business services customised to each client’s needs.


To add value to each customer’s business by providing professional solutions that match their specific needs.


To be a leading company recognised for its reputation, efficacy and excellence in national and international transport and logistical services.


Reputation – Trust is the basis of every business
Personalisation – Because every customer is unique and is treated as such
Rigour – Respect in business is achieved through transparency
Commitment – When a commitment is made, it is seen through to the end
Specialisation – The focus on conveying knowledge and best practices
Dedication – The effort put into every task for the customer’s satisfaction
Safety – Implementation of accident prevention practices in TL’s activities


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